“Do you recognize me from tutoring Novice Elders at Portage Lake District Library?”

Harriet Reports include scholarship, writing, art, and other interests. Enjoy browsing.

More about Harriet

“Eliminate your tech frustrations with my help. Confusion is the technology’s fault, not yours.” – Harriet King

          Technical Qualifications or Teaching Resume

Masters Degree in Computer Science,
Michigan Technological University (November 2012)
Thesis Topic: “Understanding ‘Just Enough’ Computer Users, Motivation Style and Proficiency”
Self Explanatory Slides for Friends (both copyrighted 2012)
“Extrinsic Motivation and User Performance” (published HFES 2013) Paper or Slides (not for redistribution: copyright HFES)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,
Michigan Technological University (December 2004)

Masters Degree in Education,
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (May 1991)

Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture,,
University of Calirfornia at Berkeley (Dec 1985)

“Early Literacy” Training completed August 2013

Member National Tutoring Association (2013 – present)

Basic Matriarchy Line Of Harriets 

 on LinkedIn.com

MTU Grad Student Webpage

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